YALI-RLC SA/Trevor Noah Foundation Education Change Makers Programme 2020 for Southern Africans

Interested persons are invited to submit applications for Foundation Education Change Makers Programme. The program is organised by  the Young African Leaders Initiative Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa (YALI RLC-SA) and the Trevor Noah Foundation having partnered to invest in a new generation of young African champions for education of high value and quality.

Application ends: 15th November 2019.

Eligible Countries for application and participation: Nigeria

Brief description of the Award: Foundation Education Change Makers Programme implementation will be completed in two phases as follows: (1) four weeks of intensive classroom training that focuses on foundational leadership skills and the application of business as well as public institution management tools for the education sector and ( 2) six months of postgraduate coaching, guiding and mentoring. The programme will also include site visits and live case studies using highly interactive methodologies.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is an open effort to invest in the next generation leaders of Africa, to be hosted by the University of South Africa at the Graduate School of Business Leadership in Midrand, South Africa.

The Trevor Noah Foundation is a non-profit oriented organization that is dedicated equipping underserved youth with the educational foundation and opportunity to become resilient future leaders of South Africa in particular and Africa in general.

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Type of program: Grants

Eligibility for application and participation: Applicants must meet the following requirements as stated by the awarding organisation:

  • Applicants must be Young leaders, between the ages of 18-35 years
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate or have Demonstrated commitment to positively impacting their communities, countries and the African continent
  • Applicants must have Involvement and/or experience in the Education sector
  • Applicants must be Nationals of either Angola, Botswana, Comoros, Lesotho, Malawi, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Eswatini, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Must have proven Ability to commit to a four-week residential training program and
  • Must be proficient in English language

Criteria for selection: The programme organisers encourages applications from:

  • Young African Leaders in the sector or education i.e. school principals, teachers, education enterprises or nonprofits organisations/agencies, and educational policymakers
  • Economically disadvantaged and rural based young leaders 
  • Young leaders with disabilities (physical disabilities)
  • African young leaders who are HIV positive or living with AIDS
  • Individuals that represent and advocate for the rights of LGBTI communities across the region and 
  • Other minority groups not mentioned here

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Grants to the beneficiaries: There is no fee to apply for or participate in the programme i.e application and participation is free. Successful applicants will be provided with round-trip transportation to the program, accommodation, feeding, and course materials. All other costs not mentioned here will be at the participant’s expense.

Duration of Grants: will last for 10 February through 06 March 2020


It is recommend that applicants or intending participants bookmark this page that contains instructions to enable them prepare their responses ahead of time and going through them to while completing or  filling the application form.


  • Presently, the only approved method of application to participate in the YALI RLC SA Programme is through an online application. Applicants will need have access to a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and connection to the Internet to apply. Only those applicants who fully complete the online application will be considered for selection. Applications and information that are submitted through email or other means will not be accepted.
  • It is not compulsory to finish your application in one session. You may save your application and return later to continue working on it as many times as necessary until the whole process is  completed.
  • You are required to answer all questions on the application in English language. Items that are marked with an asterisk require a compulsory response. Questions that are not marked with an asterisk are OPTIONAL and may not be completed.
  • Note that All answers in the application including written responses to personal statements must be your own original work as Plagiarism will not be tolerated and applicants found to have plagiarized will be disqualified.
  • You may wish to review the application and its questions before filling in the application. Some applicants find it helpful to create their responses offline (in a separate Word document for example) and then cut and paste their responses into the appropriate sections of the application.


The application is comprised of seven (7) steps as as outlines bellow:

  1. General Information
  2. Education and Languages
  3. Employment
  4. Programme Track and Cohort Selection
  5. Personal Statements
  6. Supplementary Questions and finally
  7. Submit 


  1. You will be required to Provide your legal First/Given Name as it appears on your birth certificate, passport or national identification card.
  2. You will also be required to Provide your Surname or Family name as it appears on your birth certificate, passport or national identification card.
  3. You have to Provide any other given names.
  4. Do well to indicate your Gender: either Male, Female or LGBTIQA.  Know it that the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa does not discriminate on the basis of gender or gender identity.
  5. Please provide your Date of Birth by selecting the year, month, and day on the pop up calendar or using the format (YYYY-MM-DD).Only applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of the deadline for applications will be eligible. If you are selected as a semi-finalist, you may be required to provide documentation verifying your date of birth at the interview stage.
  6. Please provide the name of the City/Town/Village where you were born.
  7. Please provide the name of the Country where you were born. This could be different from your country of residence and/or country of citizenship.
  8. Please provide your country of legal Citizenship. You will be required to provide documentation verifying citizenship, if you are shortlisted. And Only applicants from the stated participating countries will be eligible for participation.
  9. If you are from any country other than South Africa, you will be asked if you have a Passport. This is to facilitate travel to the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa, which is based in Midrand, South Africa if you are selected. If you do have a Passport, please fill in the number, country of issue, and date of expiration. Optionally, you can upload a scan of your Passport. Please note that for all non-South Africans, Living outside of the South Africa, you are required to have a Passport in order to travel to South Africa. If you do not have a Passport, you will be required to obtain one at your own expense in time for you to participate in the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa programme. If you do not have a passport on submission of application you may use information on your national ID. But note that you will require a passport 3 weeks prior to programme arrival date.
  10. If you are South African, you will be asked if you have a National ID. If you have a National ID, please fill in the number and date of expiration and Optionally, and upload a scan of your National ID. Please note that South Africans will be required to have a National ID in order to participate in the programme. If you do not have a National ID, you will be required to obtain one at your own expense in time for you to participate in the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa programme.
  11. Residence – Please select the Country where you currently reside.
  12. Please characterize the area where you currently live/work among the two provided categories: Urban or Rural. Urban refers to a major city or town; and Rural- refers to an upcountry or countryside area that is not urban.

Contact Information

  1. Please provide an email address which you check regularly as this will be the primary mode of contacting you. Depending on how you logged into the site, your email address may automatically appear. Please double check that it is correct.
  2. Please fill in your primary phone number. It is important that we are able to reach you in the case that you are short-listed for an interview.
  3. Please fill in another phone number (if you have one) where we can reach you in case we cannot reach you on your primary phone number. This could be a parent, spouse, other family member, or work phone number.
  4. Please fill in another email address (if you have one) where we can reach you in case we cannot reach you via your primary email address. This could be a personal or work email address.
  5. Please fill in your P.O. Box number, if you have one
  6. Please fill in your City where your P.O. Box is located, if you have one.
  7. Please fill in the Post Code of your P.O. Box, if you have one.
  8. If you use Whatsapp, please check yes and indicate the phone number to which your account is associated. We may use Whatsapp to reach you if all other methods fail. Note that this is optional.
  9. If you have a Twitter account, please check yes and indicate your Twitter handle. Note that this is optional.
  10. If you have a Skype account, please check yes and indicate your Skype ID. Note that this is optional.
  11. If you have a Facebook, please check yes and indicate your Facebook ID. Note that this is optional.



Please tell us about your educational background. Indicate your highest level of education completed, and your course of study. Please also indicate if you are currently enrolled in school/college/university. While the YALI programme values a person’s education, there is no minimum level of education or minimum grade required for participation in the programme.


English language proficiency is required for participation in the YALI RLC SA Programme. All activities will be conducted in English, including academic sessions, discussions, meetings, cultural activities, and social interactions. Please fill in the chart evaluating your English language skills (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) as accurately as possible and also tell what other languages you speak.


Please tell about your professional experience. This can include formal or informal employment, self-employment, or other forms of engagement with organizations. It is not mandatory that you are or have ever been employed, but YALI RLC wants to know as much about you as possible.

List up to 3 positions you have held, starting with the most current.

  1. Organization/Company Name: What is or was the name of the organization or company you worked for?
  1. Was this self employment? Yes or No
  1. Position/Job Title: What was your position or job title you held?
  1. When were you in that position, from which month and year to when? If you are still in this position, select
  2. “Current”, otherwise, select the month and year when you terminated.
  1. Key Responsibilities and Achievements: Lastly, tell us a little about what your responsibilities and achievements were in that position. Please be brief and note that the word limit is 100 words.

Repeat this process for up to two (2) additional positions you held.


Programme Track

There is one cohort to choose from: Education Change Makers.

Cohort Selection

Applicants are asked to select a Cohort dates which in this instance is only one. Please note that applications are due approximately three 3 weeks after the call for application opens. The deadline for applications will be indicated next to the cohort dates.


This section of the application is the most crucial. Your responses to these five questions will help the selection committee identify your current and potential leadership traits as well as understand your desire to participate in the programme. Your responses are therefore critical in distinguishing yourself from other candidates. Please note that each response has a specified word limit. Use your own words. Do not plagiarize your answers. Plagiarism is a type of deception in which a person presents another person’s writing, ideas or materials as their own without crediting the source. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden at the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa, and those who plagiarize their application materials will be disqualified. Please note that the staff and selection committee for the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa will be checking all applications for plagiarism. Applicants who are found to have submitted answers that are not their own will be automatically disqualified. For more information, visit www.plagiarism.org.


Responses to these questions are voluntary. You are NOT REQUIRED to respond to these questions unless otherwise indicated, such as disability status. No selections will be made based on this information but questions related to disability will allow the center to plan around required support for your full and meaningful participation. There will be no impact on your application if you choose not to answer any of these questions. Your responses will not be shown to the panel rating the applications or to anyone else who can affect your admissions decision. This information is used to better understand the people we are reaching and will help us better aim for maximum diversity. The aggregate information collected through this form will be kept private and confidential.

  1. Marital Status – If you so choose to disclose this information, please indicate your marital status i.e. whether you are married or single. The YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa does not discriminate on the basis of marital status.
  2. Religious Affiliation – If you so choose to disclose this information, please indicate your religious affiliation, if any. You may choose from one of the major religions in the world on the list, or write in any other religion that you adhere to. The YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa does not discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation.
  3. Disability – If you have a disability, please indicate here. If you select “Yes”, you will be asked additional information that may be helpful for the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa to accommodate any special needs you may have. The YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa does not discriminate on the basis of disability.
  4. Other Leadership Courses – Please indicate if you previously participated in a leadership course or training.
  5. Mandela Washington Fellowship – Have you previously applied to be a YALI Mandela Washington Fellow, and if so, did you participate in the programme?
  6. YALI Network – Are you a member of the YALI Network, and if so, have you taken online courses through the network? If not, would you be interested in joining the network?
  7. How did you learn about the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa? – Please indicate all the channels of communication from which you learned about the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa.


This is the final step of your application. Before you can submit, you must read and accept the following two statements:


In order to participate in the YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa programme, I understand that I must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for admission to the programme, that I must meet the qualifications standards for the specific track that I have chosen, that I must be a citizen of one of the designated countries served by the YALI Southern Africa Regional Leadership Center, and that my admission to the programme is subject to the determination by the admissions team. I have read, understand, and will comply with the terms and conditions of the programme. I hereby certify that I have completed this application fully and accurately to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsification, omission, or concealment of material fact may subject me to disqualification.


I hereby acknowledge that if accepted as a participant in the YALI Regional Leadership Southern Africa programme, I confirm that I will abide by the time commitment as outlined in the programme.

Once you have read and checked both statements indicating your agreement, and have completed the other six (6) steps of the application, you can click the “Submit” button.

If you have not answered any required questions, those questions will be indicated and you will have the opportunity to complete those questions. An email reminder may be sent to applicants who have started but not yet completed an application before the deadline expires.

Please be sure to review your responses for comprehensiveness, accuracy, spelling, grammar and clarity, Once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to make any additional changes to it.

Please note that applications that have been started but not officially submitted by the deadline will not be considered. You may, however, choose to apply for a later cohort.

All applicants will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their application and information about when/how candidates will be notified.

How to Apply: Click Here to Apply for the Education Change Makers Programme!

Visit Program Webpage for details

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